As we all know, there’s a difference between yo-yo dieting, or short-term weight loss, and consistent successful weight loss. Many people struggle with the consistency side of things and perhaps you can see yourself struggling with that. You can get a few weeks of solid results – but how do you make sure that you can maintain sustainable weight loss? It can feel impossible, right?

Well, we know just what you are dealing with and how down it can make you feel. That’s why we’ve put together a weight loss program that not only will help you to make better food choices for yourself but also help you with your emotions, cravings and negative thinking around your self and body image. You will get a consistent personalised professional support that will help you to make those small easy steps in the right direction that will result in massive changes and make it so much easier for you to finally lose all that weight that's weighing you down!




12 x 60min personalised sessions 
Manage emotional eating
Tools to manage cravings
Eating planning
Exercise planning
Emotional & mental support
Unlimited support & motivation 

​Made to be easy to follow and very effective as we develop your own little steps to implement one by one over a comfortable period of time in order for your body and your mind to be able to adapt and process all the necessary information so you  don't feel deprived or restricted in any way. The weight loss coaching practices we use will be just what you need to start seeing some changes to your weight loss regime. We’ll be utilising a whole host of skills to make sure you can see progress, including (but not limited to):

  • Powerful tools and techniques, used to help you REALLY tap into sustainable weight loss.

  • Working on the deeper levels to combat cravings and emotional eating issues.

  • A weight loss coaching program that can last anything from 6 weeks to 12 months depending on your needs so you can get the best support, finally achieve your goal and are equipped with the best tools to maintain your ideal weight.

Ask yourself this – where do you see yourself in six months from now with regards to your weight? Where do you see yourself within a year?
Imagine how it would feel to get to that point having achieved your target and got yourself to the weight level you feel most comfortable with. Remember the choice is yours – you can do nothing, and everything stays the same. OR you could start making changes, creating genuine progress, and start achieving your goals and seeing results in as little as three months! 

Would you rather feel light and happy being in your own skin? Do you want to feel confident?  Then it’s time to take action. 


Our weight loss program consists of uniquely powerful combination of approaches that make weight loss most effective and can be easily sustained. Our approach will really help you with changing your eating habits, killing off cravings, and making it so much easier to achieve your set goals. 

It all comes down to making sure that you can progress with consistency. Our main strength is that we don’t have cookie cutter template sessions, nor do we have some kind of generic technique. Every single client is unique, different, and likely to face their own challenges as they progress between their sessions. Our weight loss program is excellent for anyone who is looking for:


  • Professional help on taking control of their need for sustainable weight loss.

  • Assistance for natural, long lasting weight loss through more than the basics.

  • An understanding on how to lose weight and keep it off.

  • An Improvement in your mood and mindset regarding food, helping to kill off cravings.

  • Help in bringing an end to negative thinking and giving in to your food cravings.

  • Expertise in gaining focus, and being held accountable for your own progress and results.

Our coaching program is built to make sure you can see consistent results in a short space of time. We want to keep you accountable, and we want to keep you feeling positive. By making sure you can get rid of feelings of negativity and the desire to follow your cravings, we can ensure that you progress consistently and finally lose the weight, keep it off and start enjoying your new life! 


If you are, then it’s time to get in touch with us today. We can book you in for a free consultation about your weight loss needs. We can show you what we can do for you, and what we believe has to change to ensure you can get the most out of yourself as a person. We’ll book you in for a discussion to help you understand where to make changes, and how we can bring an end to inconsistency in your weight loss journey. Contact us today, and we’ll make sure you can start seeing results in as little as three months! 


The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new - Socrates


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